Carina & Martina


About us


“I'm working as a leather Artist on the Swedish countryside where my daughters are also engaged in the artistic work. Since graduation from Art and craft studies I have developed a new, innovative and eco-friendly technique of embossing patterns on leather, by using organic plants and flowers”.




Our interest in flowers, art and craft has led to a specific expertise in the creation of botanical leather patterns, using hand-picked, organic plants and flowers.
Each leather pattern is unique, just like every pressed flower and herbarium.


Hand-picking flowers


We have sourced for flowers in the surrounding countryside over the years and have to remember, where, at what time, It is best to hand-pick each particular kind. Back in the atelier, we have to sort, classify and organise the gathered flowers and plants.


”In my patterns, I try to capture the delicate detail and beauty of nature and also search for leaves with folded corners or wormholes.”